Amazon FBA shipping is important to your business


During these 3 years ,the Amazon are very hot sell in China . 

Global buyer ,Chinese factory ,Chinese trading company ,cross boarder e commerce ,all have been focus on Amazon palform. 

In the World , now ,the B2B trading model still the main point ,but B2C model increased very huge year by year ! that is why Jeff Bezos become the Richest man in the World ! Even thought the competition is so fierce on Amazon , People still come to selle on Amazon because it still has profits ! 

As you know ,China still the biggest manufactory in the World ,such like all of these can sell on Amazon : Lighting, cosmetics, pet supplies, electronic products, mobile phone accessories, car accessories, printer supplies, toys, clothing, household appliances, outdoor sports equipment .

The quality of the product is very important, at the same time, the product must be suitable for the consumer market, so that someone will buy it. 

Of course, Amazon Logistics is also a very important part. If there is a problem to your products to Amazon FBA warehouse , such like Customs exam ,a big delay for prime day , transportation method is not suitable, it will caused a lot of troubles and even lead to losses money ! 

MYHOME Group focus on shipping from china to amazon FBA from 2015 . One stop FBA amazon shipping service from China to US,Canada, UK, Germany ,Italy ,Spain ,Japan ,Austraia . 

We are a amazon FBA freight forwarder local in Hongkong and China ,one stop service ,we always call DDP service . Provide air freight DDP ,air DDP shipping ,express freight DDP ,sea amazon FBA ,train Amazon FBA service . Service freight DDP,express amazon FBA,express DDP shipping, TNT china zhongshan courier ,zhongshan express tracking in zhongshan ,Shenzhen, Guangzhou ,Hongkong .Shanghai ,Over 13 brand office in China .