Inquiry to shipment from HCMC, Vietnam to Amazon FC in USA


Hello Nicolas, 

I just saw your reply on LinkedIn. I made an inquiry to you regarding of shipment from HCMC, Vietnam to Amazon FC in USA. As I advised on LinkedIn message, we have the goods to send to Amazon FC by AIR. Do you have your agent in Vietnam? Here I haven’t found anyone who has experienced to ship to Amazon FCs. 

I would highly appreciate if you get back to me asap on below information. 

1. AIR EXPRESS Shipment (DHL/Fedex/UPS etc)

 >Do you have any of above accounts we can use? We might use this service to fill the stock up later

 >In this case door to door who is the importer? I understand Amazon can’t be an importer. 

2. AIR Freighting, DDP :

 >Estimated volume : can you please advise the total cost based on below volume?

 >Total numbers of cartons : 62

 >Carton dimension : 60*30*40cm

 >Total 4.8cbm >Weight per carton : 15-16kg >Total weight : 900kg-1000kg.

 >Preps : can your agent in HCMC palletise and wrap cartons before sending to the US? Or do you have an agent to do in the States? We can do box labels but we have no experience to palletise and wrap.

 >Custom brokerage : do you have any partner who can do this processing in the US? I assume you as you said you do DDP. Please include this cost to into estimated cost in DDP

 >Lead time from HCM airport to Amazon MDW2, Joliet, IL : how long does it take? I tried to create the shipment, all goods to go to MDW2, one fulfilment center. If you can give me your mobile number, I can call you to discuss. 


Misun Ryu